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Not mine

Shounin- Alois_PhantomTrancy

Shojo- Class_Artist

Congratulations!! Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you all for supporting me :) I will do another giveaway when I reach a higher # of likes :) this was extremely fun to do and I hope to do it again in the future! Stay tuned for more Cosplay goodness coming soon!

NOT MINE. I DONT KNOW WHO MADE IT AND IT SHOULD BE OVIOUS I DID NOT MAKE IT ( there I put it in caps because people apparently can’t read :/ so please don’t give me sourse shit I like the art I do but I posts from my phone and you can’t look up on google by putting in a photo on your phone so I have no URL Please do not give me shit I am tired of it.) :/

So I announce the winners of my giveaways tomorrow! Last day to enter! Just visit my Facebook/tumblr/Instagram page (Sakuraharunogirl). and look for the giveaway post follow the instructions and boom u are entered! I will announce the winners of each giveaway tomorrow so look Forward to it  ! ^^ again thank you guys for all your support and thank you for the likes! I could not have done it with out you!

One more photo. This is one of my favs :) #soul #souleater #souleaterevans #souleatercosplay #anime #maka #manga #makaalbarn #makacosplay #makacosplay #makaalbarncosplay #cosplay #cosplayprops #props #photoshoot

Anonymous asked:
Please source the art that you are posting. It is not yours, give the person who made the art the credit that they deserve. A lot of the art you have posted is by Lilithkiss, one of my favorite artists, give them the credit. It is incredibly rude not to. You've also only stated in a few of the art reposts that the art is not yours, if you're not going to bother to source the art then you should at least state in EVERY art repost that the art is not yours, otherwise people will assume you drew it

Haha well IF you read the top of my blog it says art works are by there original artists unless I state I made it so SORRY god I get enough of this shit at school I don’t need it on here as well. (And honestly I am not one to post something like this on a media website so sorry if this offended you not caring at the moment IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS I DONT DRAW LIKE THAT ) :/

My Maka Albarn Cosplay! Finished :p. #maka #makaalbarn #makacosplay #makaalbarncosplay #manga #soul #souleater #souleaterevans #souleatercosplay #anime #photoshoot #props #cosplay #cosplayprops

Not mine :(

My Yoko Littner Cosplay on the beach yesterday! :) this is one of my fav shots :p #yoko #yokolittner #yokolittnercosplay #gurrenlagann #gurrenlaggan #gurrenlaggancosplay #tengentopagurrenlaggan #tengentopagurrenlaggancosplay #anime #manga #cosplay #photoshoot #beach